The EMBARC registry

This is the core study of the EMBARC project and is focussed on the creation of a pan-European registry for patients with bronchiectasis.

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Additional studies

The development of the EMBARC network will allow the sharing of research protocols and collaborative research across Europe. In time we hope this will bring together researchers for large scale projects in a way that was not possible before.

Proposed studies can be basic, translational or clinical (including observational studies and clinical trials) in nature. To ensure transparency and maintain the confidentiality of members and proposals, investigators wishing to use the EMBARC network for research should submit their protocol for confidential review by the EMBARC scientific committee. Accepted protocols will be circulated to EMBARC members with the support of the scientific committee. Once the project has started, a synopsis will be posted on the EMBARC website.

Clinical Trials

EMBARC wishes to increase the number and quality of clinical trials performed in bronchiectasis around Europe. Discussions to establish an EMBARC clinical trials group are ongoing and members will be updated as this progresses.