EMBARC promotes bronchiectasis research at ERS 2015

EMBARC is a European Respiratory Society Clinical Research Collaboration dedicated to promoting clinical and translational research in bronchiectasis and to encouraging new collaborations. The ERS congress therefore represents a major event in our calender where we seek to raise the profile of the disease.

Below is a summary of some of the EMBARC events from the ERS congress in Amsterdam 2015

Symposium: Bronchiectasis in Europe: an update from the European Bronchiectasis Network (EMBARC)- Monday 28th September– Room Auditorium

Chaired by Pieter Goeminne (Belgium) and Tobias Welte (Germany), this major symposium discussed all of the latest data in bronchiectasis, focussing on clinical and translation research developments.

Stefano Aliberti presented a comprehensive lecture on the heterogeneity of the disease, including perspectives on research, prognosis and clinical severity. See his presentation HERE  Download aliberti

Professor Stuart Elborn (Belfast, UK) then provided a review of the latest data on oral vs nebulised antibiotic therapies, also taking the opportunity to explore the role of infection in driving the disease and the importance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Dr Eva Polverino (Barcelona) then presented on the important and often ignored topic of pulmonary physiotherapy and chest clearance, including a memorable video of one of her patients performing physiotherapy and ending in a loud COUGH!

Finally, Dr James Chalmers (Dundee, UK) presented the first results of the EMBARC registry. EMBARC were delighted to announce that 1283 patients had been recruited in just 6 months, smashing the recruitment target of 1000 by April 2016. This is a great credit to the work of researchers in more than 20 countries participating in the registry.

See the first EMBARC study results HERE Download ERS presentation Symposium 2015

Everyone was delighted to the see the largest auditorium in the congress centre full from start to finish for this symposium dedicated to bronchiectasis.

Other events

EMBARC stand in the World Village

From Sunday 27th- Tuesday 29th Staff from the EMBARC network were present in the World Village (Stand 1) to answer questions about the project, provide training on data collection and the electronic case report form and to build collaborations with other international societies. They also provided information about the upcoming World Bronchiectasis Congress in Hannover.

 A partnership between patients and experts- the EMBARC project: Sunday 27th 1600-1645 in the World Village Auditorium

Dr Eva Polverino (ES) along with the European Lung Foundation and patients with bronchiectasis gave a presentation on the importance of understanding how bronchiectasis affects patients lives and how working with patients has enhanced the EMBARC project.

EMBARC was accompanied every step of the way through the ERS congress by 3 patient representatives from the European Lung Foundation patient advisory group. We would like to pass on our thanks to the patients for their amazing contribution to the conference and the EMBARC project.

Bronchiectasis patients speak about their experiences at ERS 2015


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