Dear colleagues

The European Bronchiectasis Network (EMBARC) seeks to promote clinical research in bronchiectasis and to build research capacity in Europe. A key task in this will be identifying the areas of greatest clinical and academic need, so that research priorities can be communicated to fellow researchers, funders and policy makers.

EMBARC is creating a Bronchiectasis research roadmap through a modified DELPHI process in which experts and stakeholders will be asked to complete a series of surveys on their priority areas for research, with feedback on the results after each survey, aiming to produce a consensus on the key issues for future study.

We plan to publish the outcome of this process in the European Respiratory Journal in 2015.

As an expert in this field, you are invited to participate in the Roadmap project. To take part in the first survey just click on the link below.

Here you will be invited to suggest the key research questions in bronchiectasis. Although 10 boxes are provided in each macro area, you should feel free to include as many or as few responses as needed. Responses will be anonymous and only aggregate data will be analysed We are hoping to responses to the survey by Friday 18th July if possible,

Thank you for your participation

Yours sincerely


Dr Stefano Aliberti

On behalf of the EMBARC study group