EMBARC seeks to encourage applications to the ERS fellowship programme in the exciting field of bronchiectasis research. The European Respiratory Society provides fellowships to support young researchers (clinicians and scientists) to travel to centres in Europe for the purposes of conducting scientific research and training.

Long-Term Research Fellowships (LTRF) enable investigators and clinicians in the early stages of their career to carry out basic, translational or clinical research projects. Through this experience, young scientists learn and apply advanced research procedures and techniques not available at their home institute. Since 2015, ERS has increased the number of fellowships on offer by welcoming applicants from scientifically developing countries, and through partnerships with other organisations. Applicants are selected based on their scientific merit and the skills and experience they can bring to a new centre. More information is available below.


EMBARC can support potential applicants in a number of ways- by introducing you to a group of world leading potential supervisors and centres, by proposing potential projects, by providing access to data through the European Bronchiectasis Registry and associated biobanks and by supporting you through the application process. Please contact us - [email protected] for potential enquiries.