Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, it is extremely important we collect as much information about how this infection affects our bronchiectasis patients. We have therefore initiated data collection through the EMBARC registry for bronchiectasis patients with confirmed COVID-19.

For patients enrolled in the EMBARC study who develop laboratory confirmed COVID-19, you can now enter data through the EMBARC registry by clicking on the “EXACERBATION” tab in the database. Information can be added on any patients that have had COVID-19 since the beginning of the outbreak.

Bronchiectasis patients can be newly recruited to the EMBARC study during the time of COVID-19 exacerbation, however in the case that treatments may temporarily inhibit decision making skills for the patient, we request you obtain and document verbal consent from the patient for recontact at a later date, only at this point can the patient be consented as per GCP and data collected retrospectively.

We appreciate this is an extremely busy time for everyone but only through working together, can research make a difference. Those investigators who provide cases to the COVID-19 substudy would be invited to participate in subsequent EMBARC publications related to COVID-19.